Our Company

Connecting clients with the hearts and minds of their audience.

Welcome! My name is Maryle Malloy, I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Wide Web Advisor, LLC. We’re located in the “Land of Enchantment,” Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our specialty is helping clients develop a memorable brand identity. The marketing collateral and messages we create are designed to touch the hearts and minds of their audience because they are honest, authentic, and compelling.

I founded WWA as a boutique branding and marketing firm. I work with 3-5 clients at any given time depending on the size and scope of the projects. This allows me to provide personal, one-one attention to each client, and, after 40-years in the workplace, to live a balanced life.

Without my amazing team of collaborative partners, I could not offer all the services you see here. My partners complement my strengths with expertise in visual and graphic design, web design, coding, copywriting, UX/UI, and digital marketing. My partners live primarily in the US and Canada.

As for me, my super-powers have been honed and strengthened by 40+ years of experience in both management and marketing. Before founding WWA in 2012, I held leadership positions in a number of organizations including small businesses and corporations with multiple branches. In every instance, I increased the bottom line for the department or the company under my leadership.

Kind Words

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maryle on the logo, label, and package design of my new personal care product line.  I found her to be not only a talented and experienced graphic designer but a highly valued business partner.  She looked beyond the immediate task and offered insights and recommendations that I had not considered.  She took the initiative to do some research to steer me toward resources that could help me move my project forward.  She has her client’s best interest at heart and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients love her work.  She enjoys what she does, and it shows.  She is reasonably priced, and perhaps most importantly, she is genuinely kind and a pleasure to work with!”

Linda Bagneschi-Dorrance

CEO, Clean Mist, LLC

Maryle’s management and marketing skills make her a significant asset for any progressive organization with a desire to grow and improve.”

David Dibble

CEO, New Agreements, Inc.

Wide Web Advisor created a thorough analysis and an action framework to help push my online art business to the next level. They provided a website analysis and an SEO/Social Media analysis with the goal to guide my business to create a state-of-the-art E-Commerce site geared toward my targeted collectors/buyers. I will be using Wide Web Advisor again as my business grows!

Mark Landkamer

Artist, Landkamer Art

A Recent Interview with Maryle

What do you do?


“Think of me as a marketing wellness counselor for businesses. I help small to medium size businesses discover their identity and potential. Together with my team of collaborative experts, we create comprehensive branding and marketing solutions to connect them emotionally and physically with their customers and their target audience.”

Why do you do it?


“Passion led me here.” I love the work and the challenge it brings me every day.  After working for many years, experiencing the changes in the business world, I’ve pretty much seen it all. During that time I honed my skills and made selective choices for myself. I only do what I love, and I am very good at helping others find their “sweet spot” as well.”

Who needs or wants what you offer?


Well, that’s a question that covers a broad spectrum. To simplify, I’ll say that any business owner who does not have an experienced marketing professional in-house needs our services.

Any entrepreneur starting a new business, needs are services. Any business owner who does not have the time or expertise to learn what it takes build a brand identity and market their products or services needs our services. Any business owner that doesn’t want their business to fail, needs our services.”

Why should I hire you?


 “Many individuals and agencies offer similar services. Some are excellent; some are not. As for me, I’ve paid my dues as a manager, leader, graphic designer, and marketer. I have the experience and understanding of what a business owner goes through every day to manage their business. I have a proven track record of building brands and the knowledge and experience it takes to drive traffic and conversions, so business owners garner a return on their investment.

I participate in every project personally. I have collaborative partners here in the US, Canada, England and Asia that I can call upon for support. Each of them has a solid background in their particular specialty, such as UX design, copywriting, coding, social media, SEO, or PPC.

Our entire focus is on helping our clients understand what it takes to effectively market their business providing them with the services that produce positive results.”