Are you

Dreaming of a new website?

Have you dreamed of creating a thriving business with a viable web presence? Have you visualized your new website?  Have you hesitated because you think you need thousands of dollars to invest? Or, perhaps, you’re tired and frustrated trying to “do it yourself.” If this is you, we’ve just made your dream come true!

Our new Subscription Website Design program makes it possible for anyone serious about building their business to have a beautiful, professionally designed website with monthly payments you can afford.

Beautiful young woman wearing a rust color cowboy hat, a green shirt, and jeans, leaning against a large roll of hay in a field.
Cowboy adjusting the rigging on his saddle that is sitting on a brown horse.

Signature Services

<strong>01</strong> Website Design Plans

Subscription web design with managed hosting and monthly payments. 12 or 18-month contracts.

Custom website design for those who want a fully-customized, unique website with complete control. Payment is due in full for services rendered. 

<strong>02</strong> Graphic Design

Graphic design for marketing collateral, advertising, and signage.

Canva training sessions are available for DIY folks who want to design their own social media posts.

<strong>03</strong> Heartfelt Branding

When you hire us to craft your brand identity, rest assured that your brand style and messaging will connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.

<strong>04</strong> Digital Marketing

As Google Premier Partners, we offer high level marketing services in SEO, PPC, SMM, Google Business Profile, and Reputation Management

<strong>05</strong> ADA Compliance

Everyone should be able to enjoy your website regardless of ability! Comply with ADA & WCAG. We’ll add AccessiBe accessible AI to your website and even offer a 10% discount. To see the feature, click on the Accessible Button on our site and view the accessible options for persons with a variety of disabilities. 

<strong>06</strong> Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting for WordPress websites. Managed hosting is mandatory for our Subscription Web Design clients and recommended for all other WordPress clients. Our managed hosting plan includes WordPress installation and updates as they occur, it also includes Divi, and JetPack security, daily backups, plugin updates, AND, 1) hour of small monthly changes.

<strong>07</strong> Private Consultations

What issue in your business is keeping you up at night? You have an opportunity to take advantage of Maryle’s extensive background in management, marketing, and leadership training to discuss any issue during your session. You’ll come away with at least one solution.  Fee: $200.

<strong>08</strong> DIY Lead Conversion

DIY Lead generation training, tools, and techniques offered for you benefit from our strategic partner Stephen Rodriguez and team Elevate.  Get support for your small business.

What's with all the horses?

Hey there, it’s Maryle Malloy, Founder and Creative Director here at WWA. When redesigning our site to announce our newest services, I diverged from the expected; (the typical agency blah, blah. blah.) Instead, I chose to connect my heart with your mind by giving you a peek into my life as a former equestrian competitor and breeder of American Quarter Horses. Here is a portrait of our firstborn foal, a 1976 stallion, Triple Fax, AQHA Superior Halter, and Superior Pleasure horse.


P.S. If you have photos of your pets/animals you’d like to memorialize in a fine-art print, check out my other website, Pixels4Pets. 

Our Mission Our Vision Our culture!

Our Mission is to help organizations discover the soul of their business and craft personalized strategies to connect them emotionally and physically with their target audience.

How We Help You

We help you marry the practical with the deep. We accomplish this by our willingness to listen and treat each person respectfully. Then, we craft an individual brand or plan tailored to your needs. We see ourselves as the bridge, translating what we hear from you to those in your organization responsible for creating your products or services.

To develop a working relationship with each client based on mutual respect, integrity, and trust. To provide deliverables for each and every client that reflect the best our collective group has to offer. To maintain a fluid attitude, adapting to all circumstances as a project moves forward. To laugh, have fun, and enjoy the fruits of our labor – abundance for all.


People first…

Our focus is always on people first. Whether it’s our clients or our employees and collaborative partners; it’s always people first, then money.


We are experts collaborating in a variety of areas. We are a perfect example of teamwork. When working with a client, we bring to the project the appropriate team members with the expertise to complete the project, on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.


Our collaboration consists of team members from the US, Canada, and India. We range in age from 25 to 80. Some of us are single, some are married, and some have children and grandchildren. We all believe in work-life balance, which oftentimes is easier said than done. What we can all count though, is loving and kind support, always. When physical or emotional stress is present, we stand firm together, supporting the well-being of one another.


“The single most important ingredient in the recipe for success is transparency because transparency builds trust.” — Denise Morrison. 

Transparency largely comes down to being open and honest — with employees, vendors, clients, or anyone else we communicate with as part of both our business and personal lives. We believe transparency is sharing the right information at the right time so that we can make the best decisions together.