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Are a viable business or a well-funded startup that provides a service or product that makes your community and the world a better place for all. You are committed to developing a brand identity that reflects your mission and tells your story by connecting with the minds and hearts of your audience.


We are trusted advisors, conscious leaders, and branding experts with a deep understanding of marketing techniques for today’s digital world.  We provide consulting and fulfillment services including visuals and communications that help your audience see the world in a way that benefits you and your organization.


Struggle to define your identity in a meaningful and relevant way. You need help to implement effective marketing strategies without adding graphic designers and marketing experts to your staff.

You and your team are stressed, overworked, and overwhelmed? Your staff constantly make excuses for mistakes, missed goals, or deadlines. These are just a few of the problems that our Organizational Management Consulting and Training solve. 



Provide marketing solutions including SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, and Reputation Management through our team of Google Premier Partners.

We offer a complete Organizational Management Framework that works in any type of business. Consulting and Training is included in our Optimum Practice Solutions. 

Churches & Ministries

Branding and Marketing for faith-based organizations by a church leader and marketing expert.

Veterinary Practice Management

Optimum Practice Solutions Organizational Management System. Management Consulting and Training.

Healthcare & Wellness Industry

Medical Practice Consultant and Trainer. Branding and marketing for individuals and organizations in the health and wellness industries.

Happy clients, one project at a time.

In a world where customer and employee expectations are high, a business is defined by the value it creates and its actions. Does your brand reflect the “good” that you offer through your products or services? Does your business reflect that “good” from the inside out?  Our experience indicates that customers and employees are best served when a business operates from a “conscious or servant-leader” model. We define that as conscious leadership from the inside out.

Our expertise in Management Consulting is drawn from over 40-years of experience managing for-profit and non-profit businesses in multiple industries. We have developed an Organizational Management Framework, Optimum Practice Solutions, that consists of four components, combining a servant leadership model with systems-based management tools and techniques.

Brand Consulting

Using our proven model of consulting with you and research by our team, we provide you with valuable information to kick-start your brand identity.

Leading With Vision

We help you develop your vision for the future. In the process, we ensure that you are connecting your employees to the vision.

Design & Digital Marketing Services

We design websites and marketing collateral for our clients and provide Digital Marketing services by our team of Google Premier Partners!

Optimum Practice Solutions

For Veterinary and Medical owners and top-level leaders. An 8-week Virtual Training in the use of systems-based management tools to identify and resolve any problem in your practice. 

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