Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We’ve developed a great brand and image for you, but you’re so busy running your business that you don’t have time to think about promoting it through social media. You might delegate the task to one of your employees, but even if they are familiar with social media, they may not know how to use it effectively.

Step 1: Developing a Strategy with Comprehensive Social Media Analysis Reports

Performing critical research is our first step. Our Initial Social Analysis Reports lays the foundation for your social media success.

We spend 2-3 weeks collecting the data, after which we’ll deliver your reports in an online meeting. Your reports provide the background for all of us to understand the scope of the project and are the basis for our creation of your Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan. Once this plan is complete, you’ll receive our quote for ongoing social media management.

Beginning with the baby step of non-committal research gives you the experience of working with our professional team and the means to understand both the opportunities and the obstacles to achieving your goals. Aggregating the data for your reports helps us to know what steps we need to take to help you achieve success.

Social Media Analysis Reports

Comprehensive Profile Review: Includes suggested changes to optimize organic exposure. Information on how a profile setup is weighed into Facebook/Instagram’s formulas heavily. Not as much for other networks.

Content Calendar (1 Month): We provide content type suggestions based on what we see working best in your industry. We’ll build your calendar and add a recommended posting schedule.

Social Keyword/Hashtag Research: Your hashtagging strategy is crucial for gaining as much organic exposure as possible. Our hashtagging strategy, in addition to growing your organic social exposure, also compliments SEO via social signaling when posting content that links back to your site.

Paid Ads Strategy Development: We develop a sample of our recommended copy and graphic suggestions as well as targeting recommendations. Note: The execution of a paid social campaign is completed under a separate PPC Management Agreement.

Best Practices Writeup –We provide you with a document outlining the best social media practices that are specific to your industry. 

Ongoing Social Media Marketing 

Our social media deliverables are listed below. Deliverables are unique to each client based on their needs and are not necessarily limited to those shown below. Our deliverables for each client are unique and not necessarily limited to the following:

Organic Campaign Deliverables

Included in our Organic Driven Campaigns

  • Integrate Accounts
  • Awareness/Traffic Campaign
  • Develop Brand Voice and Tone
  • Content Curation/Repurposing
  • Regular Posting
  • Community Engagement
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Phone Calls

Your Brand Voice and Tone

A brand’s voice and the tone of the message(s) are conveyed by consistently posting about the same topics. For instance, posting about dog health and tips on keeping your pet healthy is great if you’re in the pet industry. However, posts about a dentist, not so much. We make sure your posts are relevant and posted when your followers are most active. We also let you know to respond to anyone who messages you. Automated messaging letting people know you will respond is critical. This gives you time to respond personally when appropriate. We suggest that you respond within 24-hours. 

Content Curation / Repurposing Content:

It is always recommended to use content from your site, such as articles and videos, rather than pulling them from other web pages. Repurposing content is another great way to provide credibility and can help make your brand a voice of authority.  

Posting (Testing day/time):

It’s important to push your posts out when your audience is active. For instance, on Twitter, the average life of a tween is 18-minutes, and most retweets occur within 7-minutes. It’s safe to say that users of Twitter are living on the platform where they see something happen and share it. Understanding when to post/tweet/share is critical to your campaign’s success. 

Community engagement:

Once you’ve established active followers, it’s important to stay connected. We will keep your brand real by answering your follower’s questions, adding value to conversations on your posts/page, liking and commenting on follower-shares, asking questions to promote conversation, and more. We’ll help you create a generic FAQ for your audience in case they ask questions that require your expertise. 

Additional Deliverables (as needed)

Weekly Analytic Report and Assessment:

Your weekly report will contain analytics of post and post type success, engagement stats, audience insights, mentions, and campaign results.


We’ll make sure that you have the skills to handle a wide range of social media strategies. We recommend that you stay involved an educate yourself on the social media channels you participate in so that you can apply tasks and methods that are not within our purview. 

Content Extras:

Content creation such as images, videos, and blogs that you have or that we procure on your behalf can be clipped, or created. We can brand your images, or slightly modify them. Your blogs can be created or edited by us as well. 

Contests / Giveaways:

Depending on the platform, different software and tools are used for contests and giveaways. Facebook, for example, has specific requirements on what you can run and how you run them. An example of this is that you cannot count a submission based on a “like” and you cannot force others to share your promotion or giveaway as a way of getting more votes. While these giveaways are possible to do off of a website or direct traffic to a page, certain guidelines must be met before proceeding.

Industry and Tactical Analysis:

We research what is trending in your industry along with who the social influencers are. By studying your audience to understand what content they engage with, we can determine which type of content to post onto your page and what types of strategies work best with them. It’s suggested that you provide your own content (blog, case studies, company photos, or videos). At least 50% and at most 95% of your posts should be created by your brand.

Campaign and Strategy Development:

Social media campaigns are highly successful at increasing brand awareness and audience engagement. We will establish social media goals with measurable objectives for each social profile. Promoting giveaways or contests is a great way to drive people to your website and get them talking about your brand. They are also great for creating a unique experience, collecting Email addresses, and more. The same applies to strategy development for non-giveaway campaigns such as a series of posts surrounding a specific tactic. You could also call this the “ideation” deliverable. These hours include the implementation/execution of the strategies as well.

Creating a New Social Profile:

If you aren’t on a social channel that your audience is participating in, then we will set up, create, and get this social profile up to speed for you. This also includes instructing you on how to use the new platform.

Monitors Brand Mentions:

We monitor and report on brand name mentions across all public social media sites and blogs, so we can determine how we want to respond to people who may not be tagging our social media profiles when talking about our brand. This is an excellent way to turn a bad experience into a good one, or a good experience into a great one!

Integrating Us With Your Accounts:

Typically accounts give us advertiser access so you still have full control over your account and any history with that account. This process is fairly easy and will help make life easier for you when having several employees or agencies working on the accounts. This will also help to keep track of who is posing what and when ads are being changed.

Set Up Pixel and Analytics Conversion Tracking:

If money is being spent on advertising, we need to know how well the campaigns are performing. We use pixels and analytics conversion tracking to evaluate performance. To assist you, we’ll show you how to put code on your site to track where your traffic is going and what they are doing. If you prefer we can place the code for you. The tracking code helps us get the most for your dollar and allows us to A/B test properly. This form of tracking leads to effective remarketing campaigns and lower costs per acquisition.

Building Remarketing Campaigns (segmentation for eCommerce):

Once the pixel and analytics code is in place, we can begin remarketing campaigns. Now we can remarket to the same individuals who did not to convert into a sale when spending time on your site. The goal here is to build campaigns around different products/services they were interested in and specifically target them to get them to make a final decision or get more information about you. Keeping your brand front of mind is just as important and the good news is you don’t pay unless they click.

Awareness / Traffic Driving Campaigns:

Brand campaigns or awareness campaigns are focused on building the image of your company through a social presence. Trusting a company should never be defined by the number of likes on a page but it is a start in pushing awareness and building a following. Other campaigns that work well for this are informational articles and videos.

Audience Building / Lookalike Campaigns:

Audience building can be a lot of work and will take up the majority of any ad campaign being launched. Using your Buyer Persona is key to targeting your market with your advertising initiatives. Over time with the use of on your pixel code from Facebook/Instagram on your website, an audience will be built. This is known as a “lookalike audience” and it mimics your target person based on the interests that are shared among those people that are converting. This gives us the best chance possible at a perfect customer and helps to reinforce remarketing campaigns.

Full Ad Creation:

Ads vary based on the social media platform. The design of your ads can change the outcome of the ad. To make sure that we are continuing to improve the results of the ads we A/B split test them based on key performance indicators. Note: Image creation is an additional cost.

A/B Testing-Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

A/B testing as mentioned above helps to test only one variable at a time without altering anything else so we can tell what is working and what is not. Most clients are interested in increasing their sales making their key performance indicator a conversion. Some clients are interested in building awareness or promoting a certain event. For instance, ticket sales are the goal, but pre-campaigns to the release of a movie or concert are just as important to promote awareness. Once all the variables are tested across a full week (5 business days), we go back and look at the audience. If no results have been found (very unlikely), we recalibrate the audience and focus on lookalike audience building all over again.


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