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Our methods are among the most well-rounded and respected in the industry. We only use “white hat” techniques, also known as White Hat which is the ethical way to engage in search engine optimization.

As our client, you have access to

  • In-house employees that perform all of the work on your campaigns
  • the ability to communicate with your dedicated Project Manager at any time
  • weekly progress calls so you know what is happening with your account at all times.


SEO is the process of gaining trust and authority with Google (and other search engines) on specific keywords on a website.  The search engines begin ranking a site once trust is gained. Once the rankings are achieved, clients tend to maintain the position on the first page for years. An investment in SEO is one that pays dividends month-month.

Google continually updates its algorithms, but we’ve got you covered. Our methodologies are proven across many different industries in competitive marketplaces.

We are beyond excited about our expansion as our new partner has proven their value with over a quarter-million first- page results.


Step 1: Critical research.

We begin with a comprehensive Initial Analysis Report which lays the foundation for search engine success and determines the best path to achieve a return on your investment. The analysis contains large amounts of information that we collect and that information then dictates the action and direction we take with regard to your website. It takes us approximately two to three weeks to aggregate the data, (see types listed below) after which we deliver the reports to you in an online meeting.  These reports allow all parties to understand the scope of the project and help us write your Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP).

Step 2: A Proposal for Services

Once the plan is complete, you’ll receive an official quote for ongoing SEO, but until we have the facts gained from our research, we can’t provide you with an accurate cost to achieve success. That’s why we start with the baby step of non-committal research.

Initial Analysis Reports Include

Keyword Report – We’ll define the keywords and search phrases users are searching for in your market. We’ll look at the monthly search volume. This information will give you an idea of the potential traffic searching for your products/services on a monthly basis. 

Initial Website SEO Analysis – We’ll run our priority software to look at images and their load times on each page, we’ll identify broken URL links and other areas that hinder the search engines from crawling the site. Your website is critical to good SEO. The layers or “hierarchy” of a website’s structure is important to achieving our goals for a successful SEO project.

Competition Analysis – Here is where we identify the strength of your keywords and how hard or easy it will be to achieve the search results we’re seeking. Our goal is to help you get a return on your investment as soon as possible. Keywords and search phrases are organized into a timeline, so we’ll focus on optimizing keywords that can be won in the search engine on the front page while working on the more difficult keywords that can take longer.

Benchmark Ranking – As the word implies, this benchmark report indicates the ranking of your keywords and search phrases today. Accountability is a vital and necessary part of any good SEO company. In our benchmark report, we will look at what keywords your website currently ranks for and where. Moving forward we will run reports benchmarking our efforts.  We will run these reports every three to five weeks to measure the success of the SEO project.

Initial Competitive Intelligence Analysis – This step involves looking at who your top 10 competitors for the keywords and search phrases are and where they rank for keywords. As part of strategy and setting expectations, we have to know who your competitors are online and where they rank for the same keywords we’re going after. This analysis can help us dissect competitive websites and give us distinct advantages.

Backlink Strength Report – This report includes many mathematical details showing the strength of your inbound links to the pages within your website. Every link that comes from another website or blog has a mathematical value called “citation flow.” There are many factors that influence the “flow,” where the links are coming from, the age of the domain, the content on the website, etc. These links can either hurt or help your website.  Building a solid backlink program that progresses steadily and is rich in relevant content is vital to the structure of any SEO program.

SEO Methods With Monthly Commitments 

On-Page Optimization: Optimization services include writing new properly optimized content for your website. We’ll adhere to best practices with proper keyword density, having the keyword in the title, keyword alt tags, and meta tags. Clients may provide access to the back-end of the website and we will post the content for you after you have given your approval.

Quite often, we only need to optimize the content that already exists instead of writing new content.  We can either provide our recommendations on how to improve your existing on-page content and implement them or you can add them and we will ensure that the changes adhere to our recommendations and best practices.

Off-Page Optimization: Not all backlinks are equal.  We will not promise to gather “x” number of backlinks for you since that has little value when it comes to improving your ranking.  What we will gather for you are quality backlinks from blogs that talk about the keyword we’re trying to optimize. We’ll use that keyword as anchor text and link back to the article we want to rank for that keyword.  We believe in a sustainable approach and remaining in control of the backlinks. Google continually makes changes to the way they view backlinks by updating their algorithm. We then alter our approach and make changes to all of the backlinks we’ve previously developed for you. This is one of the many reasons our clients become successful and remain successful in the particular niche space.

Toxic Backlink Removal: We will look for and continually monitor for toxic backlinks that come from unfavorable backlink neighborhoods. When we discover them, we’ll go through a process known as”disavowing.” This is a tedious process, however, since the announcement of Google’s Disavow Tool. we have streamlined the disavow process by updating our own software  Our tool helps locate toxic backlinks, requests the site to remove them, and automatically checks in one week to see if removal has occurred. If they have not been removed, Google requires  documented proof, at which point we submit a report to Google.

Social Signal Development: Social signals (human interaction metrics on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) which commonly help to showcase popularity and affinity for a specific piece of content are beginning to have a significant impact on SEO. When we post a new piece of content for a client, we develop social signals to that content.  This activity is completed through our social signal network that tweets, +1s, and shares the content.

Weekly Meetings:  We schedule regular weekly meetings with you, this keeps us all accountable to one and another. In these meetings, we will review reports on the progress of the campaign.


We practice white hat SEO and go one step further; we pass everything through a five-question litmus test.

  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Is it beneficial to all concerned?
  • Is it the right thing to do?

We do not engage in underhanded marketing techniques or black hat SEO techniques. We do not work with companies involved in adult themes, gambling, or activities which we consider morally questionable, or that may exploit anyone.

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