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Coming July 2019

EMOTIONS. The importance of connecting with both the heart and the mind of your audience.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Who doesn't purchase eggs? With thousands of brands on the shelves of supermarkets throughout the country, we'll see how one company markets effectively through content and design, to touch the heartstrings of would be purchasers and keep them coming back week after week.


January 2019 eBOOK

The Benefits and Importance of Customer Satisfaction

The great Neil Patel wrote this article which we compiled into an eBook for our clients and audience.

I can’t get no satisfaction!

According to Neil, aside from hearing it as the chorus in a rock n’ roll classic, it’s a phrase you never want to come from your customers. No customer satisfaction = no retention. No retention = shrinking customer base. And bad word-of-mouth. And plummeting profits. Yes, you need a great product. Yes, you need a competitive price. But the future belongs to the experience around your product or service, through each stage of your sales funnel.

So, my friends, dig into this eBook, download it, and put some or all of the great information it contains to use to grow your business.

The Secret Sauce – Your Social Media Blueprint

The secret's in the sauce! Social Media marketing isn't rocket science, but if you build your social media strategies like rocket scientists build rockets, your chance of taking your business to the moon is more than just a dream. This week, we’ll focus on...

Get a Grip on Your Holiday Marketing

If you’re just beginning to ramp up your holiday marketing strategies, it turns out you should have already begun. Don’t beat yourself up, make a hot cup of tea and take two minutes to read these 8 tips from some industry experts. PLAN NOW Retailers increase their...

Does Your Website’s Homepage Pass the “first impression” Test?

Your homepage is your website’s virtual front door. If a new visitor doesn't like what they see, their knee-jerk reaction is to hit the "back" button. Let's examine what it takes to pass the first impression test. 1) It clearly answers who you are, what...

Are You Marketing or Selling?

Marketing or selling. Although they are closely related, marketing and selling are NOT the same. Marketing includes all the efforts you employ to motivate a person to purchase your service or product. It includes many different activities such as social media...

Hot Tips For Driving Traffic To Your E-Commerce Site

If you build it they will come, right? Not necessarily. E-commerce websites need more than visually appealing designs, beautiful images, and intriguing content. They need to be properly optimized. Below are eight tips to help drive traffic to your website. Site...

Preparing for Art Creation

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The Tried and True Laws of UX

Posted: August 2018

A Note from Maryle: This article and the accompanying Infographic represent just a few things that a knowledgeable, committed website designer must take into consideration when designing a client’s website.

“Remember when your mother warned you not to run down the stairs because you could fall and hurt yourself? Or when you held your palm over a candle’s flame and started feeling the burn? The “laws of UX” are similar—they are cause and effect relationships where one event (the cause) makes another event happen (the effect). Whether a designer acknowledges them or not, the “laws” rule and operate—and will affect the effectiveness of a design.”


Download UX Infographic

Taken collectively, observing these laws of UX can help guide a digital designer toward creating the most effective design for any given product. Even though they are not actual laws, but rather tried and true cause and effect relationships, UX designers should nevertheless, take notice of the driving forces behind the laws of UX in order to design superior products.

State of Marketing Report

Posted: July 2018

In their fourth annual “State of Marketing” report, Salesforce Research surveyed 3,500 marketing leaders worldwide to explore how:

• Customer experience continues to reshape the marketer’s mindset

• Shifting priorities are sparking organizational changes

• Technology, particularly AI, is raising the bar for efficiency and personalization

Salesforce Research provides data-driven insights to help businesses transform how they drive customer success. Browse all reports at.salesforce.com/research

Download Salesforce Report

The Salesforce Executive Summary:

“Today’s companies compete on the basis of customer experience — and marketers feel called to lead the charge. But what does it take to deliver a well-executed customer experience? A majority agree this is the endgame, but progress toward that goal runs the gamut.

Here’s an overview of how emerging marketing channels, organizational changes, and technologies are disrupting the status quo.”

The Golden Retriever, An Owner’s Survival Guide.  Written by our Founder and Creative Director, Maryle Malloy.  This comprehensive guide to raising a Golden Retriever puppy is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Excerpt from Amazon: “The Golden Retriever is a very popular and versatile dog, which makes a wonderful family pet. His adaptability and pleasant disposition allow him to perform a variety of tasks and functions as demonstrated time and again in his success as an obedience dog, a hunter, and a show dog. This is a must-have book for anyone interested in the breed. You will learn all about the history and development of the breed, the breed standard, and how to find and adjust to life with your Golden Retriever. This book has excellent chapters on health issues associated with the breed and on maintaining your Golden Retriever’s health. You’ll find tips on grooming, and get up-to-date information on performance activities such as field training, hunting, agility, tracking, obedience, and search and rescue.”