Optimum Practice Solutions

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An organizational management framework that solves major communication and systems issues in any organization. 

Optimum Practice Solutions Framework

Optimum Practice Solutions is comprised of four components that do work independently but when all four are implemented the result is a complete organizational management system.

Employee Emotional Inventory

Current Condition Survey

Our confidential online survey and analysis report consists of an inventory and analysis that identifies the emotional condition of your employees. The results provide owners with information on how employees at every level perceive management, the practice as a whole, and their fellow employees.

We always recommend conducting this survey as a prelude to our 8-week Systems Training. It can be ordered separately or as part of our Training Package.


Performance Management

Performance Management System

  • We provide you with a complete Performance Management System. Your Performance Management System replaces the outdated annual review.
  • Your customized/branded Performance package comes with a handbook, Performance Development, Performance Improvement, and Performance Appraisal forms, and a 1-hour consultation.

Systems-Based Management

8-Week Training: Implementing Systems-Based Management Tools

  • The 8-Week Training delivers results that produce a better-managed practice and greater profitability.
  • The 8-week Training delivers results that reduce stress in real-time for leaders and frontline workers/
  • The 8-week virtual training provides owners and team leaders with hands-on experience in using OPS systems tools and techniques to identify and resolve any problem in your practice.
  • The 8-week virtual training helps you to develop and retain the quality of talent needed to achieve your business objectives.
  • The 8-week training helps build trust and inspires those you lead.

Leading With Vision

Visioning for the Future

  • We help you develop your vision for the future. In the process, we ensure that you are connecting your employees to the vision.
  • We also support you in creating a culture that is genuine and palpable, where employees find the practice a compelling place to work, and client trust is built through every encounter.


There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem. My passion is helping others achieve success. I do this because I have a particular love for veterinary and healthcare professionals. This is part of my life’s work and my purpose.

I stand in awe of the successes achieved by the client leaders and their staff who I have trained to use this organizational management model. Whether you require 1-hour of my time or months of my time, we will discuss your needs and my ability to serve you.

I work with clients who are committed to achieving results and who are struggling to find the answers to problems that keep them up at night.  If you believe that is you, then please schedule a 15-minute call with me. During our short time together we’ll both know if we’re a good fit to work together and I’ll provide you with a variety of options to get you started.