Creating A Culture of Trust

Optimum Solutions is a framework for the way leaders and frontline workers manage processes/systems within an organization. It is a framework that develops a culture of trust and respect. It is a “way of doing things.”

The foundation of the system is the 3D Systems-Based Management blueprint. 3D takes a bottom/up systems-based management approach using proven tools and techniques. This process supports servant leaders and frontline workers and radically improves the culture in any organization. Using proven bottom/up systems-based management tools and techniques, frontline workers are given a voice. Working with leaders, frontline workers identify any issue within the organization/team/department, and they are empowered to deliver solutions to fix broken systems or develop new systems processes.

Brief descriptions of each component are described here. While each component is highly effective on its own, maximum results are achieved when all four components are incorporated, resulting in a complete Organizational Management Solution.

We have implemented the 3D Systems Management process in many organizations since 2005 with 100% success. Download this article from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and take a look at the quantifiable results that Rick Van Pelt, MD, MBA and his teams of nurses have achieved at UAB Medicine and Hospital.

Current Condition Survey

Component # 1: Our confidential online survey and analysis report consists of an inventory and analysis that identifies the emotional condition of your employees. The results provide owners with information on how employees at every level perceive management, the practice as a whole, and their fellow employees.

In cases where management is struggling to resolve employee stress and misbehavior in the workplace, we recommend conducting this survey as a prelude to our 8-week Systems Training. It can be ordered separately or as part of a Training Package.

Performance Management System

We deliver a complete Performance Management System for Servant Leaders. This system replaces the outdated annual review. Your customized/branded Performance Management package includes a Handbook, Performance Development, Performance Improvement, and Performance Appraisal forms with your branding, and a 1-hour consultation to answer any questions and ensure that you’re comfortable introducing your new Performance Management System to your employees.

8-Week Virtual Training

The 8-Week Training is the foundation for the Optimum Solutions framework. It provides the blueprint for implementing the 3D Systems-Management Tools and Techniques in your business. These are the tools that reduce stress in real-time for leaders and frontline workers.

  • The 8-week virtual training helps you to develop and retain the quality of talent needed to achieve your business objectives.
  • The 8-week training helps build trust and inspires those you lead.

Leading With Vision

We partner with you to develop a vision for the future. In the process, we ensure that you are connecting your employees to the vision.  This critical process enables you to establish a culture in your organization that is genuine and palpable; a culture where employees find the your business a compelling place to work, and trust is built through every encounter.