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Whether it’s discovering your passion and finding the courage to take action, solving an issue in your business, mitigating stress, or sharing your story with the world. Coaching sessions with Maryle Malloy will result in clarity. 

What's Available in our Coaching Program

Sessions Covering These Topics are Available When You Work with Maryle 

Finding Your Passion

What drives you?

What are you passionate about? What would you do simply for the love of it? What keeps you from following your dream?

Stress Management

We’ll explore…

Ways for you to mitigate stress in your life through spiritual and physical practices that resonate with you. 

Business Solutions

The New Agreements

Learn how this systems-based leadership model will help you and your employees identify and solve every problem in your business

Triumph Over Trauma

You are unique…

And so is your story. Most of us are at the effect of our history until we have the tools and techniques to move beyond the pain. I call this “triumph over trauma.” 

My Approach

There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem. Every one of us is a unique reflection of our life experience and the choices we have made to expand or contract our growth.  I am a former minister, business manager, leader, and consultant. I currently serve as a church leader and oversee my branding and marketing agency. I bring my own story as a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and 40-years of experience in my quest to triumph over trauma to serve others seeking growth. 

Whether you require 1-hour of my time or months of my time, we will discuss your needs and my ability to serve you. My time and my experience are valuable, so I only work with clients who are committed to achieving results. If you believe that is you, then please apply for a strategy session with me. 

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Apply now for a free 60-minute call with Branding/Marketing and Management coach, Maryle Malloy. In your email, please tell us what you expect to receive from the session and why you are seeking support. 

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