eBook - Build Your Email List Fast

Few things are more valuable to your marketing efforts than your email list, but building an email list is no simple task. Our 60-page eBook is the definitive guide to building an email list. Take a look at the 13 tactics we cover for you.

What's Included in the eBook

The Power Of Email                                                                             

Tactic #1:  Create Valuable Content                                              

Tactic #2:  Create Pop-Ups                                                             

Tactic #3:  Create A Landing Page                                                

Tactic #4:  Give Away Lead Magnets                                            

Tactic #5:  Do A Giveaway                                                                 

Tactic #6:  Run Facebook Lead Ads                                              

Tactic #7:  Utilize Content Upgrades                                             

Tactic #8:  Create A Free Tool                                                         

Tactic #9:  Create Quizzes                                                                

Tactic #10:  Promote Your List On Social Media                      

Tactic #11:  Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your Emails     

Tactic #12:  Add A Link In Your  Email Signature                      

Tactic #13:  A/B Test Everything                                                     

Combine List Building Tactics For Maximum Success        

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