Desert Outreach synagogue

Our website design for Desert Outreach Synagogue in Rancho Mirage, CA, adds a whole new meaning to the word “conversion.”


Maryle Malloy – Designer
Crish Parmar – Developer
Megha Rana – Developer


Web Design

Imagine the Possibilities

Desert Outreach Synagogue was struggling to create a website that contained the information and features they needed to highlight the classes and groups they offer. In terms of size, they are a small congregation. However, in terms of their impact on the lives of their members and social justice initiatiaves in the Coachella Valley, they are a mighty force. 

Getting to Work

Evaluating their Brand

  • They were invested in retaining their logo
  • We presented various options for updating the logo 
  • We presented several Typography and Font combinations
  • We developed a Brand Board to help them ensure brand consistency across print and web

    Budget Constraints Determine Use of a Theme

    With a limited budget and tight timeline of 30 days we needed to select a theme for the site build. While there are many WordPress themes and Divi themes available for churches, there are relatively few for Synagogues. We prefer using Divi for our WordPress sites, none were what we were looking for until we discovered the Chrysalis theme built with Divi. Chrysalis is a fairly new theme and it contained all of the “bells and whistles” we wanted for our client’s new website.

    At Wide Web Advisor, we take pride in crafting comprehensive site maps that are seamlessly integrated into each Proposal for Services. From the very beginning of a project, we’re equipped to set up pages and add content. In this particular case, we meticulously extracted existing content from our client’s website, refining and enhancing it as needed. The final version was then submitted for the client’s review.

    Website Features


    Responsive Design


    Clergy & Leaders



    Special Events Landing Pages

    School & Classes


    Email Call-to-Action

    Contact Forms

    The DOS team was spearheaded by Norman Hollander, Committee leader and Editor of their weekly Newsletter, and Bryna Blum, Stewardship Chair and “eagle eye” proof reader. 

    Their existing website contained very few graphics. We believe graphics are “worth a thousand words” so we spent a considerable amount of time searching for and licensing stock photos that represented their mission and vision. We also selected graphics to showcase their class offerings and groups. 

    Desert Outreach Synagogue acknowledges their leaders and committee chairpersons on their website and wanted them represented on the new site with contact information. Without professional photos available, we needed a temporary solution that would be consistent with the quality of the new site. While many of the photos available to us were not the highest resolution, and most backgrounds were inconsistent with the new brand color palette, we applied our Photoshop skills, removing backgrounds, adding gradient backgrounds and adjusting colors. 

    To support their internal process, and allow us to add Google Analytics to the website, we referred DOS to our partner Umzuzu, a cloud services provider.  Our Project Manager, Michael Means, worked with Norman to set up GSuite and email accounts for their Rabbis, Cantor, School Director, and other Leaders.

    Home Page & Community Page

    Featured Website

    Desert Outreach Synagogue

    This month’s featured website gives new meaning to the word “conversion.”