Custom Web Design

Our Signature System customizes websites with attention to detail. 

Your website will be impressive, modern, professional, custom designed, and unique


Your website will look and work flawlessly on any device


Your website will include all the specialty features you require


You will enjoy an unimaginable level of support

That sounds GREAT!

What does the Signature System cost?

After discussing your needs, we will provide a complete proposal and exact quote, but here’s some basic pricing information.

  • Signature Websites for small or medium-sized businesses strategically built to market your services and smartphone optimized usually involve an investment between $4000 and $5000.
  • Larger websites with many pages or advanced features, such as eCommerce, usually involve an investment between $5k to $8k and up.
  • Everyone’s needs are unique; there is no one price fits all.

The Benefits of Custom Web Design

Large Investments Work Better for Your Cash Flow

A project rate consists of one or more lump sum payments. A larger one-time investment might make more sense for your cash flow or your business type. This could be especially ideal for a seasonal business that receives large influxes of cash during certain times of the year.

You have staff that will manage your website

Your website is a marketing platform for your business and works best when it is being managed, updated, and kept fresh.

With our Traditional Web Design model, you will pay a one-time fee. While we do offer a Managed Hosting Plan that includes 1-hour of content/graphic support, if you have a website that requires constant updates (i.e., restaurants and service organiztions with daily changes,) a Traditional Website model may be best for you.

Precise Customizations

You’ll receive a customized price for exactly what you need in your website instead of being fit into a package. This allows for special development of features, more design customizations, or anything extra you may need to make your website work best for your business.

Ability to Handle Extra Fees

There are extra costs to website ownership other than the design and development of the website. You’ll need to cover staff costs or additional fees to us for changes to your website. If we’re not hosting your site, we’ll bill you by the hour at the rate of $125 per hour. There is also a possibility you’ll need bug fixes, software updates, and content updates. If cash flow is not an issue with your business, these will all be manageable costs when they arise.


Common Questions

Can you customize a theme for me?

The answer is yes. Some highly skilled coders have developed layouts and themes, particularly for WordPress. We can customize any of these, provide you with a unique site for your business and save you money on the build-out of your site

what platform do you use to build my site?

We are “platform agnostic.” That being said, we prefer WordPress, and our experience has shown that almost anything is possible by designing with WordPress and using appropriate plugins.

Some of our clients prefer to use Shopify or Magento for eCommerce. Some with courses and memberships may have experience and a preference for platforms like Kajabi. We will do our best to work with you and help you select the best platform for your business.

We have even acted as Project Managers for clients who want to use a specialty web platform where their buildout is handled by the company owning the platform.

Talk to us. We’ll let you know if we can help you. If we believe we’re compatible and can get the job done to your satisfaction, we’ll let you know.

Can I have a store or course on my site?

Yes, absolutely. We’re experienced with e-commerce builds, building courses, and membership sites. 

What are my options for payment?

Traditional websites with payment for services rendered are typically invoiced at 50% when the agreement is signed, 25% when the Home and About pages are complete, and the remaining balance prior to the launch of the live site. 

Do you offer Branding & Logo Design?

Yes, we do. We offer two branding packages. 1) for new businesses who do not have an established brand and 1) for established brands seeking a new brand identity, and analysis of their current marketing initiatives.  

Please refer to our branding page for more information. 

Do you offer copy writing services?

Yes, we offer both content writing and content editing.  Our standard content review includes running content you provide us through Grammarly. Based on the results of the analysis, we’ll make grammatical corrections and spelling adjustments as needed.

We offer a package focusing on three key pages for more comprehensive content editing and creation.

Our goal is to present your content in your authentic voice. Keeping in mind our motto, “connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.”

We start with emotion-based research to create a list of words to play with. These are words that resonate with your ideal client.

We then ask you to share your thoughts using one of our carefully structured copy templates. Using that information, we create expressive copy designed to connect with your target market.

Content creation and/or editing services start at $495.

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