Branding Services

Creating distinctive and memorable identities that connect with the hearts and minds of your target audience. 

We partner with you to define an identity and messaging for your brand that is clear and meets the expectations of today’s fast-paced world. Our deep knowledge of cultural and emotional intelligence helps us to help your organization to embrace change and become more flexible. 

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Let’s Talk Branding!

Services for crafting a brand identity, developing strategies, and designing initiatives that provide a return on your investment.


Brand Platform

Brand Building creates the foundation and guides all creative decisions and marketing activities. It’s positioning, purpose, messaging, promise, and visual identity.


Visual Identity

Your Brand starts to come to life during this process; Logo / Mark, Color Palette. Typography Style. Photography Style, Brand Guidelines, and Naming*


Verbal Identity

Your Verbal Identity is the unique voice that differentiates your brand. It is your Brand Story, Brand Voice, Writing Style and Brand Website.


Brand Website

Your Brand Website showcases your company’s services and offerings; Website Design, Copywriting, Website Coding, Hosting & Maintenance, Creative Services


Creative Services

We offer ongoing support for our clients with Print Design, Digital Design, Package Design, Copywriting, Presentation Graphics, and Personal Branding


Personal Branding

We partner with you in defining and articulating your personal brand. Private Coaching, Personal Brand Roadmap, Visual Identity, and Website

Branding Packages or Ala Carte Services

Brand IT Basic

Our Brand It Basic identity package is designed especially for new businesses. We begin with Discovery; consulting and guiding your through the branding process. You will develop one or two Customer Avatars (avatars describe your ideal customer,) we’ll develop a visual identity for your brand, including a new logo, tagline, typography, color palette, and graphic ideas. When we’re finished, you’ll have a brand identity that will represent your unique business and that will authentically connect your brand with the hearts and minds of your audience.


We create a new logo or update your current logo.



Your new tagline defines the purpose of your business in 10 words or less.


We’ll define the color palette, typography and graphic styles for your new brand identity. They’ll be presented on a “Branding Board, which is the guide you or your team will use to create marketing collateral for print or = color codes and typography for use on the web.


Identity packages start at $2,500 for individuals. Small-Medium business pricing is based on the size and scope of the organization. All prices are based on flat-rate quotes presented in a Proposal for Services. Proposals are created after a Discovery Call to determine whether we are a good fit to work together.

Brand Refresh

For businesses seeking to update their Brand. We conduct multiple consulting and strategy sessions with you. We’ll revisit your UVP (unique value proposition) and your Customer Avatars, adjusting either of them as necessary. If you don’t have a Customer Avatar, we’ll send you our Customer Avatar Workbook, and you’ll develop one or two.


  • Strategy sessions as needed
  • Vision Statement to guide your company culture
  • A Unique Value Proposition that sets you apart from the competition
  • A compelling Brand Idea to define your position in the marketplace.
  • A Website Evaluation and recommendations to reach your target market and improve conversions.
  • A Free Competitors Report
  • A Brand Implementation Plan.

Preparation: We send you our BRAND-Refresh questionnaire. Completing this information is a critical component in helping us both gain clarity. We recommend you spend a couple of hours completing the information. After you return it to us, we’ll schedule a 90-minute video call with you. During the call, we’ll “dig deep” into your responses and make adjustments we agree upon.

Preparation time is devoted to gathering information before our first major strategy session. Calls are recorded and you receive an mp4 recording after each session.


Consulting:  We will schedule as many consulting sessions with you as necessary to ensure that we have all the information we require to proceed with our in-depth research. During these sessions, we’ll develop or revamp your UVP (unique value proposition) and your Customer Avatars. If you don’t have a Customer Avatar, we’ll send you our Customer Avatar Workbook. Once you’ve completed that, we’ll work through it together to ensure that the avatars are complete and accurately reflect your target audience.

Calls are recorded and you receive an mp4 recording after the session.


We’re working hard on your behalf. We will review and assess your entire brand identity, including your logo, printed marketing materials, and your website’s design and content. We’ll also prepare a Competitor’s report based on the information you provide for your top 3 competitors.


The good stuff. We present your BRAND-AID Solutions Report via online conference. This report will contain all of our recommendations for rebranding your business.

What’s next?

Accompanying your BRAND-AID Report will be a Proposal for Services. The Proposal will highlight the services recommended in your Report.

Visit our Services page for a list of all our Services.

Because you have a complete roadmap for rebranding in your Solutions Report, you may choose to implement the changes in-house, hire a vendor of your choice, or hire us to rebrand your business.

We find that most people are so pleased with our Discovery process that they hire us to complete their rebranding project.


Brand Aid packages start at $2,500. All prices are based on flat-rate quotes presented in a Proposal for Services. Proposals are created after a Discovery Call to determine whether we are a good fit to work together.

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