In Phase 1 of your BRAND-AID SOLUTION, we completed Discovery which provided the roadmap for your marketing. In Phase 2, we developed your Brand Identity and provided you with a Proposal for a Website which describes in detail our recommendations for the type of platform, your Menu, pages, etc.

Before we proceed with this Phase we will have a signed Agreement with you that spells out the terms and conditions for delivery of your website.

NOTE: Phase 1 – Discovery is a prerequisite for us to build a website. 


There is a saying “content is king.” Writing copy for the web, whether it’s content for a website or a Facebook ad, requires knowledge of the subject the target audience. We prefer to write your content, or at the very least edit your content.


Web copy is scanned. Or glanced at. Not read.

Your web visitors consider two things: Does your website offer what they’re looking for? Can they find it easily?

Your web visitor decides quickly whether your site is useful or not. So if your site looks complicated with a lot of options to choose from, they’re likely to click away to check out another website.

We provide two iterations of design for your Home page and an interior page. We provide wireframes and/or an online version of these pages with graphics and content.
After approval of the basic design, we complete the design of all pages and forward the design to our development team to code, finalize and test the site on a variety of devices.

After final approval of the site and receipt of your final payment, the site is launched.

We provide hosting, support, and training for you or your team to manage the site. We also offer complete maintenance contracts.


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Boarding Kennel Established in 1951

case study


Redesign a Website

Client: New Mexican Kennels

  • Rebrand outdated website with ineffective navigation
  • Design a bright, fresh, modern, responsive, user-friendly website,
  • Convey the message that although they established their
    business in 1951, they are in touch with the needs of today’s pet owner
  • Integrate customer photos and testimonials into the site
  • Create videos
  • Add online Reservation capability



Our standard procedure with any branding project is to take a client through our BRAND-AID Discovery process.

However, in the case of New Mexican Kennels, they hired us to improve their marketing efforts early in 2015, so we were intimately familiar with their current strategies and what we needed to implement so that the business could achieve sustainable growth.


First, we reviewed the content on each page of their existing site. Then, we selected content from there that we wanted to retain. We began editing and writing additional content for programs and services that we were adding to the new site.

We hired local Albuquerque photographer, Nancy Wood Taber to photograph a number of our long-time customers with their pets. You’ll see these customers, featured throughout the new website.

The owner, Juxi Burr, wanted us to add a “Tour our Facility” video so we hired a videographer to create the video which features the owner and members of the staff. A new video is planned for the Spring of 2018 that will feature several upgrades to the facility since the original video was made in 2015.

One of the most critical issues we needed to solve with the new website was the reservation process. Since implementing the online Reservation options in 2015, we have made several adjustments based on user data and testing.


Once the content for the website was approved, Maryle began the design process by building a wire-frame in Photoshop which included version #1 of the sitemap.

Once the wire-frame for the Home page was accepted, she began designing the basic style for the Interior pages.

Meanwhile, Maryle began discussing the site structure and coding with her development partner, Jared Allardyce.

In addition to running a talented team of coding experts, Jared has a design background, so we are extremely compatible. We both understand how everything must work together to provide the ultimate user experience.

The Day Care page shown below is an example of the Interior Page mockup built with Photoshop. The final design can be found on the client’s site http://www.newmexicankennels.com



New Mexican Kennels

We’re proud of this user-friendly, responsive site that launched on October 15, 2015. The graphic shown here is the original “above the fold” that launched with the site. We have updated this area several times since October of 2015 with the latest update reflected in the larger graphic highlighting the project.

The site includes flexible images prepared for high definition screens, subtle animation on scroll over (such as the little paw print that pops up when you place the cursor over the Reservation button,) testing across relevant browsers, and Google analytics.

In January of 2016, we kicked off digital marketing strategies to support business growth. Strategies included optimizing web content, strengthening organic growth using SEO, strengthening the Google Ad Words – PPC campaigns, building FB followers with educational posts, creating interesting and informative weekly BLOG articles and promoting them with targeted  Facebook ads.

The Results:

In 2016, we increased revenue for New Mexican Kennels by 8% using digital marketing almost exclusively.

In 2017, we increased revenue by 18.5% over 2016.

No marketing initiative can succeed unless the people and systems working in the business are performing at a high level. The strong leadership and dedicated staff at New Mexican Kennels, love and nurture the pets in their care, and treat their customers with kindness and respect. Working together with them, we have been able to achieve significant growth in a tight, competitive market.



  • Content
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Launch
  • Host
  • Training
  • Maintenance
Fee: Private Treaty


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