Phase I


  • Vision Statement to guide your company culture
  • A Unique Value Proposition which sets you apart from the competition
  • A compelling Brand Idea to define your position in the marketplace.
  • A Website Evaluation and recommendations to reach your target market and improve conversions.
  • A Brand Implementation Plan.


Preparation: We send you our BRAND-AID Questionnaire. We recommend you spend a couple of hours completing the information. After you return it to us, we’ll schedule a 90-minute video call with you. During the call, we’ll “dig deep” into your responses and make adjustments we agree upon.

Preparation time is devoted to gathering information before our first major strategy session. Calls are recorded and you receive an mp4 recording after each session.

Consulting:  We will schedule as many consulting sessions with you as necessary to ensure that we have all the information we require to proceed with our in-depth research. During these sessions, we’ll develop or revamp your UVP (unique value proposition) and your Customer Avatars. If you don’t have a Customer Avatar, we’ll send you our Customer Avatar Workbook. Once you’ve completed that, we’ll work through it together to ensure that the avatars are complete and accurately reflect your target audience.

Calls are recorded and you receive an mp4 recording after the session.

We’re working hard on your behalf. We will review entire brand identity including your logo, printed marketing materials, and your website’s design and content. Our social media experts will look at your current marketing initiatives as well as your presence on the web as it relates to SEO and PPC.
The good stuff. We present your BRAND-AID Solutions Report via online conference. This report will contain all of our recommendations for rebranding your business.

What’s next?

Accompanying your BRAND-AID Report will be a Proposal for Services. The Proposal will highlight the services recommended in your Report.

Visit our Services page for a list of all our Services.

Because you have a complete roadmap for rebranding in your Solutions Report, you may choose to implement the changes in-house, hire a vendor of your choice, or hire us to rebrand your business.

We find that most people are so pleased with our Discovery process that they hire us to complete their rebranding project.


Karina Boutique – BRAND-AID

Phase I – Discovery, Phase 2 – Visual, Content, Website, Phase 3 – Digital Marketing

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The owner of Karina Boutique in New Jersey approached us for help to determine the feasibility of creating a new online store featuring some of the products found in her brick and mortar location.

We entered into a Discovery agreement with her which included consulting, research on the feasibility of the online store as well as digital marketing strategies to promote the online store. At the completion of the Discovery process, we provided her with a comprehensive Solutions Report that included solutions for the website, digital marketing strategies and a Proposal for Services.

Shortly thereafter, we entered into an agreement to design and develop her new E-Commerce website on the Shopify platform. Our client’s budget did not allow for us to custom design the site, so we searched for and purchased a Shopify theme to save money.

The client was quite knowledgeable and interested in participating in the process. She hired professional models and a photographer which served her well in engaging her audience.  She was also instrumental in uploading the items for sale to her shop, which reduced the cost on our end.

Finally, the Digital Solutions report we provided gave her a marketing roadmap for her social media and email marketing campaigns.



  • Our exclusive Discovery process that includes consulting and research
  • A Solutions Report for rebranding your business, reaching your target market, and engaging the hearts’ and minds’ of your audience.
  • Website analysis


All Inclusive Fee


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