Marketing or selling.

Although they are closely related, marketing and selling are NOT the same.

Marketing includes all the efforts you employ to motivate a person to purchase your service or product. It includes many different activities such as social media postings, paid advertising on the web and in print, inbound marketing using emails and newsletters and the creation of special events. The very first key point I make on our Agency website is that people come to a business for a solution to a problem. Whether it’s to find a dentist, hair stylist, or the perfect jewelry to wear with their outfit. It is critical that every component of your marketing be directed toward showing your prospective customer that your product or service is the solution to their problem.


Selling is a person-to-person interaction where you match your customer’s needs, wants, and desires with the perfect product or service the customer is looking for, and you complete the sale.

Here’s a quick example:

A women’s clothing store decides to hold a Valentine’s Day promotion where all red, pink, purple, and white merchandise is discounted by 20% the weekend before Valentine’s Day. They send a postcard to their best 100 customers announcing the sale, email their entire customer list, post and pay for ads on Facebook and Twitter, showing pictures of some of the on-sale merchandise, send SMS text reminders, and create a dynamite Valentine’s Day window highlighting the sale.

All those efforts are marketing.

Now imagine that because of those efforts a customer shows up in the store eager to buy a beautiful dress to wear to dinner on a Valentine’s date with her husband; marketing has done its job. She’s in the store and eager to buy.

But the job’s not over.

In the store, an employee must discover what styles the customer likes, share her expertise about fashion, fit, and fabric, and help the customer try on different dresses until she has found the perfect one. Perhaps the employee suggests some elegant jewelry or a fantastic pair of shoes to complete the outfit. The customer looks and feels amazing, and makes the purchase.

That’s selling!

You need both.

Marketing without great in-store selling is expensive and ineffective. Selling without appropriate marketing strategies is lonely since you won’t have very many customers to sell to!

Revenue and Value Focused

Our focus at Wide Web Advisor is creating tools and techniques for our clients that will increase their revenue, expand their customer base and build brand loyalty. Want big sales increases this year?  Talk to us about developing robust, exciting marketing initiatives that drive prospective customers your business so that you can focus on creating a selling culture to complete the sale.

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