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To Wide Web Advisor, a branding and marketing agency located in the “Land of Enchantment,” Albuquerque, New Mexico. We serve clients throughout the United States and Canada.

WWA was established in 2013 as a referral agency serving private clients with small and medium-sized businesses.

In June of this year, we began restructuring the company,  adding a digital marketing team, and expanding our market. 

We’re excited to announce that effective July 1, 2020, we are open to serve new clients in the US and Canada who are serious about increasing their exposure to local or national audiences, nurturing their customers, and building a strong trustworthy relationship with us.

With the expansion of our business and brilliant team of experts, we expect to be ranked among the top agencies in New Mexico.

We’ve developed an amazing team of experts to serve you. Our expertise in a variety of areas allows us to deliver high-quality products and services. While I, as the Creative Director focus on brand development and consulting, my team brings expertise in web design/development, coding, copywriting, and user experience.

The addition of a critical component that makes all the other work shine is our new Digital Marketing department.  

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Up close and personal

Hello, I’m Maryle Malloy, the Founder and Creative Director of Wide Web Advisor, LLC.

My super-powers have been honed and strengthened by 35+ years of experience in both management and marketing. I held leadership positions in small businesses and corporations. I helped these organizations improve their bottom line, with “tools and techniques” to improve both their systems and their communication skills. I developed thousands of pieces of marketing collateral and initiated hundreds of marketing campaigns.

On a personal note, I am a life-long animal lover. My commitment to enhancing the human-animal bond is quite simply, part of my being. Fifteen years of my professional career were spent in veterinary management and another seven as marketing director for a pet hotel. For 30-years, my spare time was devoted to riding and breeding Quarter Horses, and breeding and exhibiting Golden Retrievers. Among my accomplishments is a 2004 Dog Writers’ of America award for my book The Golden Retriever, An Owner’s Survival Guide. 

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