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We developed our 10 Day Website Package because we believe that every business deserves a presence on the Internet. We recognize that start-ups and small businesses may not have the budget for a custom website costing upwards of $5,000. So, we’ve created Wide Web Express to fulfill the needs of small business owners like you.  If you require a custom solution such as E-commerce, event registration or a secure customer portal, please visit our Agency site, Wide Web Advisor.

The 10 Day Website Package includes consulting, design and development of  5-8 pages for a brochure website built on a WordPress CMS platform. The WordPress platform makes it easy for you to manage and update your website after launch.

Our team of WP experts has developed proven techniques and systems for this Package that allow us to offer a beautiful, responsive, user friendly, conversion focused website for $2,500 – $3,500.



First things first – are we the right fit for your needs?

STEP 1. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us to review your project, ask questions and help us determine if we are a good fit to provide you with a website solution. If we both agree to proceed, we’ll move to STEP 2

STEP 2. You will review and sign our Agreement for Services and deliver a 50% deposit.

STEP 3. We will furnish you with several forms to complete. These include a design questionnaire, your content submission, and information on existing website host, your login info, etc.

STEP 4. After we receive all required documentation, we’ll schedule a 60-90 minute consultation between you and our Founder and Creative Director, Maryle Malloy. She will clarify all information with you and answer any additional questions. After the call, we will begin work on your new WordPress website. Our 10 day delivery guarantee begins on the first business day after the consulting call.

Once we receive your documentation and complete the consulting call, we’ll deliver your website within 10 business days. 



Design and Mock Up

Design: We begin your design, based on the information we receive from you on our website content forms. We’ll ask you to supply your logo and we’ll ask you to make selections such as color schemes, and other important items that are relevant to your site. If you already have a website, we’ll have you supply us with information on whatever elements you want to retain in the site redesign.

Your homepage will be a custom design which we develop for you based on our expertise and knowledge of what type of designs and content convert visitors into customers. We  will supply you with a choice of templates for you child (sub-pages) pages such as your About and Contact pages.  Because we are the experts, we suggest you allow us to make the design decision based on our expertise. If you require custom designed sub-pages, we can provide those for an additional fee.

A mock-up is your design containing the graphics and elements that will be translated to your website. Your purchase price includes (1) modification of the design and is limited to critical design elements only. 

We’re working on the design process and validation of concept



Development, Testing, and Demo

Development: After feedback, we will implement the changes and begin development of your homepage. Once the home page has been approved, we’ll develop the sub pages.

Testing: We will run through all of our work, testing each area and deliver your website to you for review and final approval. As the business owner, you need to review the website thoroughly. If you identify an error in our delivery of your content or other item that you provided to us, we will fix it and submit a revised version to you for final approval. Once any errors are fixed on the site we will set up the hosting and domain credentials as agreed upon.

Your final payment is due at this time. Upon receipt of payment and your acceptance of the website, we’ll proceed to launch the site.

We’re ready to launch your new website



Blast off: It’s time to transfer your website to your host server and put you in the “drivers seat.”  We offer a 30-day guarantee on our coding, so any “bugs” are found we fix them at no cost to you.

Congratulations, you now have a beautiful responsive website that looks good on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone,

On your mark, you’re set, now GO!

The owner of this florist and gift shop has an FTD site, however, it does not highlight the true nature of this store established in 1995. We were asked to create a simple, responsive site that showcased the talents of the owner/ floral designer.  One of the main purposes for this site is to use it as the foundation for social media marketing with particular emphasis on Facebook advertising.  Our Agency, Wide Web Advisor is handling the social media strategies for this client as well.  Visit King Florist Moraga.
10 day website package
What if I want more than one design change?

We will provide additional designs for a fee of  $599 each. Design revisions will add 2 days to the 10-day process for each revision.

Will my website be on Google?
Yes. However, it is important that you recognize that just because your website is available for the search engines does not mean that it will rank high in on search sites such as Google. Competitor sites that rank high on the first page are usually spending a lot of their marketing budgets to gain that ranking. 

We do offer SEO and PPC services, and invite you to review our digital marketing offerings on our Agency website Wide Web Advisor

Are you hosting my website?

No, we are not. We don’t offer hosting services, but we are happy to recommend two hosting partners: 

  • WPadvance who offers secure WordPress hosting for $59 per month including core updates, plugin updates, Gravity form subscription, emails for up to 10 addresses and minor updates such as image changes or text edits. Simply make a phone call or send an email when you need a change.
  • If you don’t require any support for your site, and simply require secure hosting, we recommend WP Engine.

What if I want a custom design and custom website?
Custom designed websites don’t fall within our 10-day parameters, but we do offer custom solutions. Our custom designed websites for small businesses typicall range between $5k – $20k depending on the solution needed. If you require a custom solution such as E=commerce, event registration or a secure customer portal, please visit our Agency website https://widewebadvisor.com   
Do you offer Marketing services?
Yes!. Our agency, Wide Web Advisor offers a complete array of digital marketing services. We have the ability to connect your website with the right marketing strategies including inbound marketing (emails) social media marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and pay per click advertising. leads, and increase your bottom line: However, before we recommend any marketing strategy to convert your visitors into paying customers, we perform Discovery, a process of consulting with you and research by our team.

The good news is that since you are already our customer and we have built your website, the Discovery process is FREE to you. This is a value of $1,500 – $2,000. To learn more, visit our Agency site https://widewebadvisor.com OR contact maryle@widewebadvisor to get started.


Our 10 DAY WEBSITE PACKAGE represents our best offer for small business owners. It is designed for the company that needs help now and wants the best product available for their investment.

We agree to design and build your website within ten days.  Time commences when we have 1) received all required documentation from you and,  2) we have completed your 60-90-minute consultation call.  Our expectation is that you will supply us with all requested documentation and complete your consultation call within 14 days from the date of execution of our Agreement for Services.  

The investment for a 10 Day Package is no less than $2,500 and no more than $3,500

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