Thrive Consulting Package

Here’s what you get in our Thrive Consulting Package

Step 1


Your consulting package begins with a 30-minute strategy phone call and 30-minutes research based on information we receive in your THRIVE Questionnaire.

This hour is devoted to gathering information before our first consultation session. 

Step 2


Your first hour of consulting time with Maryle Malloy, marketing and design expert and Priya Thatte, social media and SEO expert.

Questions, answers and strategies are discussed,  a video recording of the session is provided. 

Step 3


Research and prep time: We devote eight hours to research and the preparation of your Solutions Report, plus and additional two hours consulting with you and your team. Note: Key stakeholders should expect to spend 3-4 hours preparing documentation to aid our research efforts.

We analyze your website: Is it user friendly and responsive? Is your content well written and optimized. Does it address your audience’s pain points? Finally, we’ll review your social media initiatives and your overall presence on the Internet.

We’re working hard on your behalf.

Step 4


Online consultation #3 is devoted to presenting your Solutions Report. Your online session is followed by a video recording of the session and your Solutions Report in PDF format

On your mark, you’re set, now GO!

You’re ready for Thrive if:

  • Your attempts to increase traffic to your website and/or brick and mortar store are not producing a return on your investment
  • You know you can’t solve the problem without professional help
  • You’re willing to invest in your business
  • You’re looking for professionals with a proven track record in creating marketing strategies for the Internet
  • You’re a DIY person who just needs a bit of help to stay on track

✗   Thrive may not be right if: 

  • You need a marketing makeover (review our other more comprehensive plans)
  • You’re not in a financial position to seek professional help
  • You’re a DIY, can do, don’t need your help kind of person


THRIVE is our mid-level consulting package with a 30-day turnaround.  This package is best suited for:

  • Businesses that have a web presence and digital strategies that are not generating a sufficient ROI
  • Businesses that need support in the development and implementation of sound digital strategies to increase their revenue.

The investment for this consulting package is $1,800



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