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Before we build or redesign a website, we work with our clients to develop a roadmap. We call this process “Discovery.” (All of the things we cover in Discovery are also outlined in our Flourish consulting plan.) In brief, Discovery is our process for uncovering the marketing and communication needs of your business. It provides both of us with the information we require to create a website and marketing strategies that will increase your viewer engagement across all platforms and improve your revenue.  We “dig deep;” asking questions, brainstorming with you and performing research, to learn as much as possible about your business, your customers, and your competitors.

The length of time required for the Discovery process varies based on the size and complexity of the business.  On average, Discovery takes 4-6 weeks, involves 4-6 hours of our client’s time and 16 or more hours of our time.  We have weekly online meetings with you where we gather your information and update you on our progress. At the end of the Discovery sessions, we provide you with a comprehensive Solutions Report and Proposal for Services.



We provide Social Media marketing services for all social media platforms. For those businesses who wish to implement digital marketing strategies “in-house,” we can provide a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy for you to follow. For those who seek full management of their social media marketing, we’ll help you select the appropriate platforms, provide revenue generating content and monthly reports to track ROI.



Our primary focus is on organic SEO, however we do partner with experts in PPC as well.  Beginning with the development of your website and continuing on a monthly basis, we’ll focus on every aspect of your site’s optimization. No stone is left unturned as we continually monitor and update your website to improve your ranking on the various search engines.



Our Solutions

  • Consulting

  • Discovery

  • Branding

  • Web design

  • Content Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Packaging

  • Printing

  • Social Media

  • SEO


  • Email Marketing

Discovery Consulting Packages

Marketing Solutions Bloom Consulting


We provide a fast, hard, data-driven solution to your #1 marketing problem.

Marketing Solutions Thrive Consulting


Support from two of our marketing experts, in-depth research and a Solutions Report.

Marketing Solutions Flourish Consulting Package


Everything you need to drive revenue,  Your complete roadmap to success

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