Bloom Consulting Package

Here’s what you get in your marketing makeover

Weeks 1 – 2


You’ll complete a basic Questionnaire and we’ll have our first consulting session. Participants will include the owner, CEO or key decision maker(s along with Maryle Malloy, Creative Director and Priya Thatte, Social Media and SEO expert. Calls are conducted via Zoom conferencing with audio and video capabilities with recorded session available after each call.

Flourish marketing makeovers take between 4 – 6 weeks to complete, depending upon the size of the organization. 

Week 2-4


You’ll provide us with more information about your company, your goals, and your products or services. We’ll begin in-depth research into your competition, target market, analysis of your existing web site, and your Internet presence.

We’ll schedule weekly progress meetings lasting between 60-90 minutes. You’ll be updated on our progress, and we’ll ask and answer questions. 

Week 4-5


With clarity surrounding your goals, your ideal customer and your competitors, we begin to discussing strategies and sales tactics to drive traffic to your web site, convert prospects, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty.

We’re working hard on your behalf.

Week 6


Your roadmap to success is ready.  During our final session, we’ll present your Solutions Report, review our findings and respond to your questions. The Report in PDF format along with your video recording is delivered via email.

On your mark, you’re set, now GO!

You’re ready for Flourish if:

  • You need a complete digital marketing plan with marketing initiatives customized for your business.
  • You know you can’t solve the problem without professional help
  • You’re willing to invest in your business
  • You’re looking for professionals with a proven track record in creating marketing strategies for the Internet
  • You’re a DIY person who needs a complete plan of action to implement your digital strategies

✗  Flourish may not be right if: 

  • You need a quick solution to one or two marketing issues (review our other two plans)
  • You’re not in a financial position to seek professional help
  • You’re a social and SEO expert, can do, don’t need your help kind of person


FLOURISH represents our complete Discovery package. It is designed for the company that needs comprehensive information to make those all-important decisions on how and where to spend their marketing dollars to receive the highest return on their investment.   We’ve allotted 4-6 weeks for completion. Time commences when we receive the FLOURISH Questionnaire and is reliant on clients supplying us with the requested information in a timely manner.

The investment for this consulting package is $2,200



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