Wide Web Advisor is a full-service marketing agency, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our firm specializes in digital marketing and branding.  We’re considered small by agency standards, yet we have powerful capabilities with over 100 collaborative partners. From 2012-2016 we operated under the name, Malloy Visual Design. Wide Web Advisor is also the parent company of

Wide Web Advisor has two other websites: We are the parent company for PetBiz Marketing, a niche business serving the pet industry. We believe EVERY business deserves a website. Recognizing that there are many small business owners with small budgets, we created Wide Web Express, a website design service for those businesses that need a brochure style website at a reasonable cost.

COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS:  Our partners are located around the world, with the majority residing in the United States and Canada. Trusted members of our network include freelance designers, developers, content writers, social media experts, SEO experts and full-service agencies.

REVENUE AND VALUE FOCUSED:  Everything we do is focused on our client’s revenue. Along with that, we are mindful of our own as well. As experts, with years of experience, we bring great value to those we serve.

PLATFORM AGNOSTIC: The technical aspects, design, content, and digital strategies vary with the size and complexity of each business. This means we select a platform for building a website with the client’s business needs in mind. The same holds true for social media platforms, CMS systems, and email marketing systems. We propose what’s best for the client and their team.




Maryle Malloy, CEO and Creative DirectorHello! I’m Maryle Malloy, the chief cook and bottle washer at Wide Web Advisor. I believe that everyone on our team has a superpower, something they excel in. My superpower is my expertise in both management and marketing. For over 30 years, I’ve helped business leaders turn their organizations around, and communicate more effectively with their teams and their customers. For the record, I also make a fantastic bolognese sauce.

My friend Bryna has a great series of interview questions, which I answered this way:

What do you do?  Think of me as a marketing wellness counselor for businesses. I help small to medium size businesses discover their potential and work out solutions for them to better communicate with their customers and potential customers.

Why do you do it?  I love it and I believe I’ve been blessed with a knack for it as well. After working for so many years, and experiencing the changes in the business world, I’ve pretty much seen it all. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills and made selective choices for myself. I only do what I love, and I am very good at helping others find their “sweet spot” as well.

What kind of people would need or want what you offer? People who dislike marketing, don’t have the time or inclination to learn what it takes in this digital age, and don’t want their business to fail.

Why should I hire you instead of the other guy? I understand what you go through every day to manage your business; the hats you wear, and the ups and downs. I also understand what it takes to build a brand, drive traffic to a business and garner a return on your investment. Our entire focus is on helping our clients better understand what it takes to effectively market their business, and providing them with those services that will produce positive results.

What’s your big plan? I’m putting together this virtual agency step-by-step, with the help of my collaborative partners, who are some of the  most talented experts in the world. These are people, like myself, who are dedicated to bringing value to their clients, not just grabbing a quick buck and moving on. Pure and simple, this agency is my legacy, and I’m intent on creating something of value that my clients and future clients will benefit from for years to come.

If you’re into credentials, I’m an Adobe Business Catalyst partner, member of AIGA, the professional association for design, Women In The Pet Industry Network, and uGurus, a community of web professionals. I’m also a former AKC Judge, award winning author of The Golden Retriever, An Owner’s Survival Guide, and a certified trainer for The New Agreements- Systems Based Management In the Workplace.

Featured Team Members

Digital Marketing Director, Priya Thatte 

Meet Priya Thatte. Her superpowers are social media marketing, search engine optimization and reputation management. She doesn’t work with us exclusively, however, she’s a valued member of our “inner-circle.” When not managing Wide Web Advisor’s clients, you’ll find her managing her own organization, Digital Umami.

With a decade of experience in marketing, she has worked with large brands such as Getty Images, The Limited, Lily Pulitzer and Debenhams. Her proven track record of providing innovative and creative strategy, competitive analysis and effective digital marketing tactics gives our clients an edge over their competition. Most importantly, she gets results.


WP and E-commerce Guru, Paul Boyce

Meet Paul. His superpowers are  web design and development. During his 15-years in the industry, he has helped over 350 clients with both online services and software projects. We value the calm and respectful way he treats  both clients and his fellow teammates here at WWA.

Paul’s expertise in WordPress management offers our clients the support and peace of mind they need to use WordPress effectively and efficiently once their WP site is up and running. When it comes to e-commerce, Paul is adept at launching and migrating e-commerce sites. He is a partner with the e-commerce providers, Shopify and 3DCart.

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